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This fall, FiORE shows that being French is a state of mind

Julia is FiORE’s newest campaign inspired by the French joie de vivre. FiORE’s fall/winter 2017 campaign says that being Parisian doesn’t require a French passport, but rather a great sense of style and the desire to live life to the fullest.

Julia is FiORE’s newest campaign

The company’s last unconventional photo shoot for the collection was shot entirely by iPhone at some of our favorite Parisian spots: Café de Flore – the vibrant symbol of Parisian bohemia; Merci Paris – the chic concept store; Café Charlot – the best place for a cheese platter and a decanter of white wine; or  luscious green Palais Royal. A company with true French roots, we show you our own Paris – we know it inside out!

Julia is FiORE’s newest campaign

«The French ‘très chic!’ has many faces. We wanted to show a smiling girl, wandering through Paris and finding places that make her heart beat a bit faster» – explains Agnieszka Mantusz, the co-owner and brand manager of FiORE, Her French roots, her scholarship in Lyon and her admiration for a French lifestyle are a big part of FiORE’s brand identity.

Julia is FiORE’s newest campaign

Being French is a state of mind – being open to people, celebrating life, sometimes with a glass of wine in the middle of the day or travelling to the other end of the city just to find the perfect baguette – Mantusz adds.

Julia is FiORE’s newest campaign

The photo shoot shows FiORE’s newest collection featuring patterns and colors of the upcoming season – reds, metallics, polka dots, delicate flowers or models inspired by a sports style. The collection also features variations on a wintery theme: classic sweatery designs and models that are warm, with great coverage – made of high quality braided yarn, which means softness, warmth and flexibility. Feel like you are being hugged.

Julia is FiORE’s newest campaign

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