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Коллекция Oroblu Весна-Лето 2013

Представляем Вашему вниманию новую коллекцию чулочно-носочного трикотажа Oroblu сезона Весна-Лето 2013. Новые оттенки и цвета, сочетания тонов, комбинация стилей.

CLAIRETTE прозрачные цветные чулки с узором.

The new collection

Shades range from refined and plain pastel nuances, to hints of Navy style and contrasting bright colors, adding up for fascinating break-outs. The palettes of plain and clean colors are shaken by light and pale shades of lilac and blue, matched with white and natural colors inspired by timeless ceramic and porcelain. The Navy style makes its comeback not only with the classic red, white and blue, but also with new turquoise tones reminding of water, combined with bright exotic-taste orange shades. The blast of colors doesn’t end here, but it bursts also in grass greens, warmed up by ethnic cocoa colors and by the sparkling shades of flowery gardens, between purplish petals and bright pink corollas, looking almost glossy. In the dark nuances, the elegance of black, sometimes shading into grey, is always a must.

Perfect soul

Modernity draws its inspiration from the refined, clean and sober classicism featuring a minimal beauty, with retro hints adding up for a simply elegant look! Drapes and impalpable lightness turn dresses into sculptures belonging to a haute couture style, meeting the strong demand of beautiful, quality articles: precious accessories, pleated dresses, gems and precious stones create a unique blend of refined details. Haute couture styles feature bodices and corsetry articles of French inspiration, with small polka dots, micro patterns and lingerie effect articles boasting a romantic mood. Hints of delicate and ephemeral openwork, together with impalpable nets, add great femininity to the overall style. Graphic patterns are revamped, with their combinations of delicately shaded lines and modular geometric patterns revived from the 60s by adding pure, essential lines. Sober shades, ranging from plain sand, to cold water colors and flowery lilac, are very elegant in their matching with their respective darker shades. Touches of black for sophisticated approaches.


LORENE гольфы в полоску, с люрексом.

TULLE прозрачные тюлевые колготки.

MARIANNE колготки с рисунком чулков.

JOSEPHINE цветные ажурные колготки.

DORIANE прозрачные колготки с цветным геометрическим рисунком.

DORIS прозрачные колготки с точечным узором.

KORINE прозрачные колготки с рисунком.

SHELLY прозрачные хлопковые леггинсы.

CECILE леггинсы-капри с декором.

STEPHANIE прозрачные летние хлопковые носочки.

DORIS гольфы в мушку.

KORINE летние носочки с узором.

MARINE романтичные чулки с геометрическим узором.


Extreme luxury and refinement for a strong theme of seduction and sensuality, enhancing unique contrasts and quaint accessories! An increasingly sophisticated approach to the Made in Italy concept, with appealing graphic patterns, strings and close-fitting dresses wrapping up the figure. Outfits inspired by the body-painting art arouse the curiosity of prying eyes, praising fine patterns featuring precious details, sometimes enhanced by noble materials such as velvet-like flocks on nude effect backgrounds. Fascinating laces recall the grand baroque style in all its refinement, with floral wefts displaying reliefs looking as palpable as embroidery and prominent decorations with sinuous drawings, recalling the most precious luxury, featuring appliqués of studs and metallic accessories. Beauty is made more captivating by the total black look, sometimes turning into grey, between dark shades of purple and night blue bossing the show and becoming the symbols of high-level fashion.

CLAIRETTE прозрачные цветные чулки с узором.

CATHERINE прозрачные колготки с цветочным узором.

MADELINE цветные колготки с абстрактным рисунком.

LUCIE прозрачные колготки с узором-тату.

SIBILLE колготки с точечным рисунком.

ALEXANDRA леггинсы с полосами.

ROSE прозрачные леггинсы с кружевным узором.

CATHERINE прозрачные гольфы с цветочным узором.

ANNE прозрачные гетры с узором.

NATHALIE прозрачные носочки с цветочным узором.

GEORGIE цветные подследники с рюшами.

Creative story

A versatile look ranging from symbols of ethnic culture to floral patterns and multicolor prints, for a dynamic freedom playing with matching of great impact! Flowers and butterflies land on multicolor spring dresses bursting with life and freshness. Accessories with tie&die effect of Eastern inspiration, with mélange shades permeating and completing this mood. If, on the one hand, we are reminded of the “Navy Look” with its typical stripes, on the other hand we are charmed by the wild look evoking a gipsy feel, with its colorful nets and animalier prints matched with geometric patterns recalling tribal traditions. The spirit of adventure and the wandering feel go through the memory of chevron patterns with dégradé color palettes. The must of this trend thus enhances color, trying out bold matching of glossy pink, turquoise, grass green and tropical orange and featuring accessories that become extremely trendy elements, creating veritable matching plays with shoes and sandals. As to dark nuances, ink blue and cocoa brown stand out.

JEANNINE гольфы с комбинированным рисунком.

VERONIQUE прозрачные колготки с геометрическим рисунком.

DOMINIQUE цветные леггинсы-капри с рисунком зигзаг.

JASMINE колготки с жаккардовым рисунком.

AMBER двуцветные колготки с плавным переходом тонов.

DIANE меланжевые леггинсы из модала.

JOSETTE летние носочки в тонкую цветную полоску.

INES цветные гольфы с бабочками.


Женщина может считать свои ноги чисто утилитарным инструментом, но для мужчин это одно из самых соблазнительных мест, и было бы глупо пренебрегать их особой привлекательностью. Ноги элегантной женщины должны быть также хорошо ухожены и одеты, как и она вся.

— Женевьев Антуан Дарьо



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