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FALKE Kids Legwear Autumn/Winter 2019/20 Cosmic Wonder

The vastness of space with its planets, extra-terrestrial life forms and flying objects are the inspiration for the Autumn/Winter 2019/20 FALKE Baby and Kids’ Collection. For the girls, the focus is on stars, glittering yarns and prints. For the boys, the designs depict rockets and are fashioned with glow-in-the-dark yarns. The highlight is a unisex 360° print sock with space motif.

Star constellations, shooting stars, glittering unicorns and galactic patterns set the tone for the girls. The fanciful socks and tights encourage girls to explore their adventurous site. Astronauts with glow-in-the-dark yarn, futuristic robots and camouflage designs adorn the boys’ socks for special adventures. Boot socks also ensure warm feet even on cold days.

FALKE Kids Specials Returning to school after the summer holidays is particularly difficult, especially for children starting school. FALKE brightens up this time with a Back to School Special: Lucky socks with a cloverleaf or ladybug embroidery are sure to get children to write good grades quickly and help first-graders to get over the separation from their parents. For Christmas, things get wild with a little sock with a bear motif and snowflakes. Another Christmas highlight is a Christmas all over homepad to ensure carefree frolicking without slipping and for girls the glittering FALKE Nightsky tights that sparkle like the starry sky.

FALKE Baby shooting stars, moons, astronauts and rockets mingle on the socks and pantyhose for the little ones. Supplemented by shiny materials and non-slip nubs, the articles are not only cute to look at, but also functional and useful for crawling and running. The FALKE Baby gift set «My First Socks» is now available in bear design for boys and cat design for girls. The cotton socks and mittens in pink and navy are a great gift to welcome new-borns.

Я верю, что женщина в колготках — самое прекрасное зрелище в жизни.

— Фотограф Андрей Бородин

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