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FALKE Men’s Legwear Spring/Summer 2019

FALKE Men’s Legwear Spring/Summer 2019 Symbiosis

The Falke Men’s Legwear illustrates the wonderful symbiosis between nature and man as well as fauna and flora. Terms that are closely related to each other and would not exist without their respective counterparts. Applied to the collection, these contrasts form a harmonious unity – divided into four trend directions: Mutant Colours, Pride of Colours, Weightless Colours and Block Matching Colours.

The styles of Mutant Colours take up natural plant and reptile structures. In rich green tones, the men’s socks made of summery materials such as mercerised cotton create an expressive look.

Dry grain, wood and desert soil reveal broken patterns that can be found on the socks of the Pride of Colours inspiration. Discreet designs are elegantly accentuated by grey, beige and black and supplemented by maize yellow as a colour accent. The look of the Weightless Colours is inspired by the earthy tones found in chocolate and roots. Fashion yarns with flame yarn effects create interesting colour gradients on the foot and look particularly masculine when worn with casual looks.

Influenced by the bold colours of fruits, the Block Matching Colours such as dragon fruit, currant and lime provide intensive contrasts. Multicolour stripes bring youthful freshness to the business outfit. This trend theme is rounded off with an all-over beetle print that fuses into a modern detail pattern on the foot.

The highlight at every event are fine knee-highs made of Fil d’Ecosse, which catch the eye with an embroidered beetle motif. In the denim area, various jeans tones are combined this season to create filigree patterns on sneakers and socks with sensitive cuff – a contrasting heel and toe area gives the products a sporty feel. FALKE must-haves for men include the FALKE Shadow in bright red and blue shades, as well as maritime stripes and dots that complete the trendy harbour look in summer.

С городской одеждой лучше использовать нейтральные бежевые оттенки, которые будут гармонично сочетаться с цветом любого дневного костюма. А для вечерней одежды — более светлые и менее прозрачные, с уплотнением на пятке и мыске, которые не будут выходить за границы вечерних туфель.

— Женевьев Антуан Дарьо

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