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FALKE Women´s Legwear Autumn/Winter 2018/2019

Japan: Perfect Imperfection

The Falke Women’s Legwear collection in Autumn/Winter 2018/2019 is inspired by the Japanese philosophy «Perfect Imperfection». This philosophy is about breaking the rules to create change and transformation that lead to unique perfection. A homage to the beauty of nature and everything unforeseen in this world, characterised by five inspirations:

Shodo stands for painting and calligraphy. Vivid patterns are presented on socks with shiny Lurex elements and soft qualities. Stripes interact with transparencies or discreet irregular shapes and are reminiscent of freehand drawings and kanji characters. Symmetry and the art of folding is the foundation of Origami. Fan patterns and relief structures are presented on socks and tights. The highlight are seamed tights with a butterfly above the heel. Open structures such as nets but also microscopic feather and mushroom formations are presented in the Wabi-Sabi segment. New perspectives on the natural environment are in the focus here. Socks with glossy accents look particularly feminine. This is also reflected in the stay-up look of tights.

A traditional Japanese garment is the kimono, which consists of different materials and patterns depending on the occasion and status of a person. Interpreted on legwear, this element of Japanese culture appears in the form of crane motifs, feminine stay-ups made of tulle and lace as well as geometric shapes on socks and tights. Ikebana describes the equilibrium in the universe. The diversity of the earth is shown through flowers in the form of vines, all-over patterns or as a floral seam on tights with Lurex accents in gold. Two short socks with cherry blossoms and leaf design print catch the eye and stand for the colourful Japanese lifestyle.

The collection is rounded off by essentials for autumn and winter featuring dots, stripes and Lurex details. Highlights for the holidays are dotted socks with glitter effect and various tights with all-over gloss effect. Velvet leggings with a glossy seam on the side is the fashionable statement piece and can be worn with a dress and boots for the perfect winter look.

Я верю, что женщина в колготках — самое прекрасное зрелище в жизни.

— Фотограф Андрей Бородин

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