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FALKE Women´s Legwear Spring/Summer 2019


Nature and man, masculine and feminine, flora and fauna: Terms that are closely related to each other and would not exist without their respective counterparts. In spring/summer 2019 FALKE illustrates the wonderful symbiosis between the individual themes and shows their harmonious connection — divided into four trend directions: Mutant Colours, Pride of Colours, Weightless Colours and Block Matching Colours.

Green tones characterise the image of the Mutant Colours and appear in leaf structures or reptile patterns. Shiny viscose or lurex yarns give the socks and tights of the Women´s Legwear collection a particularly feminine touch. Mesh structures also make for a sporty effect.

Dry woods, bread and savannah animals are the source of inspiration for Pride of Colours. The neutral colours white, beige and grey determine the picture and are supplemented by maize yellow as a colour accent. Special elements are microtextures and voluminous knitting techniques that appear modern in combination with frill edges and transparencies.

Weightless Colours is inspired by beans, tubers and cocoa: Brown and dusty pink are visualized on velvety sneakers or in camouflage patterns. Butterfly prints on socks reflect the love for nature and butterflies are also featured in the design of tights. In combination with floral patterns, they merge flora and fauna.

The strong colours pink, lime and berry in combination with white stand for the Block Matching Colours. Here, insect patterns with lurex and art déco in colour blocking meet transparent qualities and visualise complex forms of nature on knitted socks and tights. The design is inspired by beetles and colourful fruits. The highlight is a fine knee-high with stitching and embroidery.

For special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, the Heart&Love socks or knitted socks with transparent insert and a removable insect brooch are elegant companions. Sneakers and sock variations in denim colours round off the collection. Here, ajour patterns set feminine contrasts to coarse jeans and leggings in denim look can be worn with a summer dress and sneakers.

С городской одеждой лучше использовать нейтральные бежевые оттенки, которые будут гармонично сочетаться с цветом любого дневного костюма. А для вечерней одежды — более светлые и менее прозрачные, с уплотнением на пятке и мыске, которые не будут выходить за границы вечерних туфель.

— Женевьев Антуан Дарьо

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