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Show off your legs and amaze!

The great must-have of autumn winter 2018 2019 is the miniskirt, the most revolutionary and transgressive item in the history of women’s wardrobe.

Thanks to the next exhibition at the “Victoria & Albert Museum” in London dedicated to Mary Quant, inventor of the short skirt that revolutionized the history of costume and wardrobe of the girls of the “Swinging London”, this Fall Winter 2018 2019 the skirt is offered in many versions.

The miniskirt is coming back and it will be cooler and more fashionable than ever before. The fashion diktat is: discover the legs!

What better way to enhance your legs by wearing a trendy garment and a Trasparenze accessory that enhances your figure!

Choose among the classic Trasparenze items the most suitable to match with your favourite miniskirt: leather, wrapover, designed … .. the important thing is to match the right pantyhose or sock!




Choose between the heaviness and the range of colours proposed by Trasparenze and feel yourself on the catwalk every day!


Дарить носки собственному мужу — в лучшем случае к разлуке, в худшем — к разводу. Дарить носки чужому мужу — к новым отношениям.

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