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Socks, socks and socks

You will have noticed that socks have suddenly become an essential accessory! Banned the footlets and the invisible socks that were well hidden in the sneakers, the socks must now be visible: metallised fibres, fishnet, colourful, they are the new must.

Let’s see together what Trasparenze suggests!

Every-day classic articles to wear with sandals, a décolleté such as: Ambra, Jack, Monique, ecc.

Which articles to wear with sneakers? Here they are!

Socks to wear as you like to give a funny touch to your look!

Trasparenze offers a wide range of articles for all women. Do not miss the chance to dress your legs up with our items: unique, special, comfortable and 100% Made in Italy!

Слишком часто шёлковые чулки, которые мы дарим женщинам, связывают нас по рукам и ногам.



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