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FALKE First Layer and Socks

Functional clothing is indispensable for outdoor sports: jackets that protect from wind and rain, comfortable shoes for long tours or light shirts at hot temperatures. Many athletes forget the essential companion — underwear, which transports sweat from the skin to the outside or protects against cooling as an intermediate layer, and socks that support the foot and ankle. Perfectly fitting first layers and socks, which meet the special requirements of athletes, are worth investing in.

FALKE offers the right socks for various sports, which not only protect against blisters, but also provide an optimal foot climate. Other features, such as improved power transmission, reduced spraining and gradual compression for increased performance, can make all the difference for professional athletes or enable healthy sports activities for amateurs.

 The FALKE 4Grip Light complements the existing FALKE 4Grip (quick change of direction and maximum stability due to silicone nubs) by a version with low compression in the ankle area and stronger padding. Additional nub pressure on the outside of the sock up to the toes also makes the sock attractive for longer trekking trips. Lyocell, which has been incorporated into the shaft, ensures optimum moisture management.

For a sporty look, the FALKE RU4 and the FALKE trekking socks TK2 and TK5 are also offered as a trend item in spring/summer 2018 with stripes on the shaft. The colours of the functional FALKE First Layer are supplemented by a warm berry tone for women and a sporty blue for men. In the silk-wool series, FALKE also offers a shirt for women as an alternative to tops.

Чулки заметны даже под халатом. Они рождают аллюзии, отсылающие к Софии Лорен.

— Ирина Прибора

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