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FALKE Men’s Legwear Autumn/Winter 2018/2019

Japan: Perfect Imperfection

The Falke Men’s Legwear collection in Autumn/Winter 2018/2019 is inspired by the Japanese philosophy «Perfect Imperfection». This philosophy is about breaking the rules to create change and transformation that lead to unique perfection. A homage to the beauty of nature and everything unforeseen in this world.

Shodo stands for the art of painting and calligraphy. The designs are characterised by special effect yarns and filigree structures. Sensitive socks with detailed ornaments reveal stroke patterns reminiscent of kanji characters. The fine lines appear as if drawn with ink and brushes and come together to form an aesthetic all-over pattern on the foot.

As with the art of origami folding, various elements open up new perspectives: Graphically interlaced patterns with lurex accents unfold like minimalistic puzzle pieces, and an all-over print shows artistic structures reminiscent of transparent tissue paper. One highlight are socks in particularly fine quality with knitted triangles which are arranged and orientated to each other to reveal images of folded origami birds.

The Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi stands for the individual perception of beauty in connection with nature. This season, the focus is on casually worn boot socks in patchwork design. The collection is complemented by denim socks and sneaker socks in an abstract camouflage look.

The Kimono is famous for its elaborate and detailed designs. Legwear shows this variety on socks with playful floral patterns or minimalistic dots combined with graphic net design in business style. An unusual look is created by a special all-over print featuring a colourful floral and wavy pattern that looks like tattooed on the skin.

The collection is rounded off by a special eye-catcher for the festive days. This black elegant style with filigree gold print picks up on the Japanese Kintsugi technique, in which broken pottery is repaired with a lacquer mixed with powdered gold and transformed into a new object of art.

Повешенные крест-накрест в ногах кровати с воткнутыми булавками, чулки отгоняли ночные кошмары и нечисть.

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