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If at the time of our grandmothers tights and stockings only had the function to heat the body, today they become a fashion accessory that completes the outfits. The catwalks of autumn-winter season 2018-2019, presented tights and stockings opaque and

They are the symbol of sensuality par excellence, especially if combined with a garter belt. Of course, the lace should never be shown for any reason, elegance first of all! The hold-ups make the leg sinuous, elegant and sexy. The boom of

We always love to dress in a fashionable way, but we want to feel “LADY”, elegant and, why not,… also sexy, but always with style. That is why we must know how to combine all the clothing items in the right

The great must-have of autumn winter 2018 2019 is the miniskirt, the most revolutionary and transgressive item in the history of women’s wardrobe. Thanks to the next exhibition at the “Victoria & Albert Museum” in London dedicated to Mary Quant, inventor

Yes, we say goodbye to the summer and start thinking about the next outfits with all the accessories that make us feel beautiful and seductive! If we have to think about wearing the first hosiery after this long summer of

В очередной коллекции Trasparenze Осень-Зима 2018-2019 вы заметите возвращение к трендам десятилетней давности, эволюцию новых трендов, и вариации на тему характерного для этого итальянского бренда чувственно-провокационного дизайна. Коллекция включает женскую линию, детскую и будуарную. Женская коллекция Trasparenze Осень-Зима 2018-2019 Начнём наш

Вы заметили, что носки вдруг стали незаменимым аксессуаром? Футлеты и невидимые носки, которые не выступали из-за края кроссовок, теперь забыты и заброшены, а носки теперь обязательно должны быть заметными, и дизайн становится ярче с использованием металлизированных волокон, ажурных узоров, ярких

Socks, socks and socks

You will have noticed that socks have suddenly become an essential accessory! Banned the footlets and the invisible socks that were well hidden in the sneakers, the socks must now be visible: metallised fibres, fishnet, colourful, they are the new